Questpol / ZMorph case study, Free CNC projects, and tips & tricks for milling plywood with ZMorph VX. Here’s the ZMorph Digest #49.

3D Printing Test Fixtures at Questpol

We’ve reached Questpol, a Polish company that uses ZMorph VX to create custom parts, fixtures, and cable connectors in testing apparatuses imitating real-life environments. Read the full article to see more pictures and learn why they chose ZMorph All-in-One 3D Printer.

? 3D Printed Test Fixtures for Electronics – Questpol Case Study

Cool & Free CNC Projects

Wood and plywood are some of the most popular materials for CNC milling and that’s why we decided to give you something to work on. Follow the link below to find cool woodworking projects for your home. Feel free to contact us via the comment section if you need any help.

? Cool & Free CNC Woodworking Projects

CNC Machining Plywood

To give you more insights on CNC milling with ZMorph VX, we’re presenting another chapter in the materials overview series. This time we focus on plywood. Some of the projects linked above were made using plywood or regular wood, so be sure to check both material guides before milling.

? Plywood: CNC Machining Materials Overview

Darth Vader by Fotis Mint

It’s this time of the year again, and by “this time” we mean the new Star Wars movie premiere. To celebrate that, check out this cool 3D printed Darth Vader bust made by Fotis Mint.

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