For the 50th edition of ZMorph Digest we’ve got for you a refreshed online store, new articles about engineering materials, 3D printed Mars habitat, and more. Check it out.

ZMorph Online Store Refreshed

For the past few months we’ve been working hard to deliver a better shopping experience for our clients. ZMorph online store has now not only a refreshed layout, but also a new address. It’s now even easier to purchase ZMorph VX All-In-One 3D Printers, spare parts, interchangeable toolheads, and materials. Feel free to ask us for a custom quote or browse through official resellers around the world.

➡️ Go to ZMorph online store

Materials for ZMorph VX Discussed

In our series of materials overviews we’re presenting two new features: felt and ASA. The first one dedicated for laser cutting and engraving, and the second one is for 3D printing. In the articles you will read about the most important features, see sample applications, and learn how to set up your ZMorph VX to work with these materials.

➡️ ASA: 3D Printing Materials Overview

➡️ Felt: Laser Engraving & Cutting

3D Printed Mars Habitat

Does living on Mars sound like a science-fiction novel? Not anymore. Hassell’s project of a Mars habitat is an entry in NASA contest for a base on the red planet. We’ve reached Xavier De Kestelier, who is Principal / Head of Design Technology and Innovation at Hassell and asked him about the habitat. Learn how ZMorph VX can be helpful on other planets.

➡️ Read about Mars habitat and space travel

2019 Wrapped Up

zmorph in 2019

If you want more news, we’ve summed up 2019 at ZMorph and gathered most important info, articles and use cases from that year. See if you missed something.

➡️ ZMorph in 2019

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