In-house prototyping, 3D printed workholding, and engineering material guides. Read about them all in the newest ZMorph Digest #51.

3D Printed Clamps for Fixing Pneumatic Cylinders

3D Printed Clamps for Fixing Pneumatic Cylinders.

One of our most recent use cases covers 3D printing clamps for pneumatic cylinders. Polish company Questpol decided to purchase the ZMorph VX 3D printer instead of outsourcing custom parts to save on time and money. The company is trusting the 3D printer enough to include the 3D printed clamps in their final design as the outcome offers satisfying quality and can be quickly altered if needed.

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In-House Prototyping with a ZMorph 3D Printer

In-House Prototyping with a ZMorph 3D Printer.

Another recent case study shows us how you can include a 3D printer in designing and prototyping processes in a company that makes medical equipment for hospitals. Thanks to the machine, INMED-Karczewscy can prototype their designs in-house, and the cost of a ZMorph device has returned itself in about a year.

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Voxelizer Support Structures Explained

Voxelizer support stuctures.

Have you ever wondered which support structure is the best for your 3D model? You don’t have to anymore. Check out the comprehensive guide to Voxelizer supports in one of our latest articles. Learn about how they differ from each other, which one will save you more filament, and which one is (almost) unbreakable).

? Voxelizer supports explained

Material Guides

Wood & Plywood laser engraving.

ZMorph Digest #51 finishes with a set of new articles from the materials overviews series. Learn about 3D printing with PMMA, laser engraving wood, and CNC milling in POM and HDPE.

? 3D printing PMMA

? Laser engraving wood & plywood

? CNC milling POM

? CNC milling HDPE

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