Refreshed knowledge base, ZMorph’s activity during the pandemic, and two material guides. Read more in the newest ZMorph Digest #53.

Major Knowledge Base Update for ZMorph VX

ZMorph Knowledge Base

We want the work with ZMorph VX to be as much enjoyable as possible, therefore we’re expanding the Knowledge Base with refreshed content. Visit the site for all-new articles and guides for the multitool machine, and learn about all the possibilities.

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ZMorph Joins the Fight Against COVID-19

With the rapid spread across the world, the healthcare system is overwhelmed and needs our help. As a 3D printers manufacturer, we’ve decided to dedicate our machines to print parts for face shields that will serve as protection for medical workers at hospitals in Poland. To learn more, check the article below. We update it regularly as the situation develops.

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New Materials Overviews

CNC milling Dibond

Since ZMorph VX supports almost 50 materials for both additive and subtractive manufacturing, we’re publishing insightful features about them. Recently we’ve issued guides for CNC milling in Dibond and 3D printing with polycarbonate.

➡️ Dibond – sturdy composite with aluminum outline and polyethylene core.

➡️ PC – 3D printing material for special applications.

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