COVID-19 prevention updates at ZMorph and three new features on materials for CNC milling. Check out the ZMorph Digest #54.

DIY Protective Equipment 

Neoprene mask laser cut with ZMorph VX.
Neoprene mask laser cut with ZMorph VX.

Last week we released a few STL and DXF files to make on your ZMorph VX. These files include two variations of a face shield, ears reliever, and a neoprene mask. All easy and fast to 3D print or laser cut. More projects to follow.

? Files available here

COVID-19 Update

ZMorph 3D printed face shields.
Handing over face shields in Oleśnica.

We’ve produced and delivered almost 1000 face shields for several hospitals around Poland. One of the latest batches was distributed by a group of Wroclaw motorcycle enthusiasts called Moto W(r)olontariusze. You can read more about ZMorph efforts to help COVID-19 prevention in the article linked below.

? ZMorph Joins 3D Printing Community to Fight Coronavirus

Materials for CNC Machining with ZMorph VX

For the past few weeks we’ve put focus on CNC machining capabilities of ZMorph VX in our series of materials overviews. Here’s what you might have missed:

Machining Wax

Machining Wax

A practical solution for casting. Machining wax is easy to machine and durable enough to be used as molds or CNC program proofs.

? Machining Wax: CNC Machining Materials Overview


LDPE CNC Machining

Low-density polyethylene. A low-cost material for sliding and gliding elements.

? LDPE: CNC Machining Materials Overview


TCF CNC machining.

A composite material otherwise known as textolite that features good electrical insulating properties.

? TCF: CNC Machining Materials Overview

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