New files to 3D print, general information on rapid prototyping and how to benefit from it, and one more material added to the ZMorph Materials Library. Here’s the ZMorph Digest #55.

Personal Protective Equipment – 3D Print Your Own

3D printed PPE.
3D printed goggles and filter adapter.

Although in some countries the situation with the coronavirus pandemic is much better now, it is still on the rise globally, especially in the US. If you’re a 3D printer owner, you can make a lot of personal protective equipment on your own, and we’re here to help. We shared two new models you can use to protect yourself against viruses – eye protection goggles and a 3M filter adapter. Check them all in the recent article.

3D Print Your Own PPE → 

What is Rapid Prototyping?

3D printed bike helmets.
3D printed prototypes.

A frequent question asked by people interested in manufacturing and lowering costs of production. With rapid prototyping, your products will get better and cheaper to manufacture. Learn how to implement it in your company.

Rapid Prototyping – Definition and Solutions →

Laser Cutting and Engraving Neoprene

Neoprene ready to be laser cut.
Neoprene mounted on ZMorph VX CNC worktable.

Recently we made a neoprene face mask using Laser PRO Toolhead on ZMorph VX and decided to add the material to the ZMorph Materials Library. To expand the knowledge, the addition is backed up by an article on ZMorph Blog. Find out about its applications and the most important features. 

Neoprene: Laser Engraving & Cutting Materials →

“It’s Time to Kick A** and Chew Bubble Gum”

Check out the cool Duke Nukem figurine 3D printed on ZMorph VX by Fotis Mint. 

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