Bonjour! Beginning March 2019, ZMorph VX will be available at HAVA3D. The French group specializes in 3D printing since 2013 and are now a leading business in the field.

HAVA3D Joins ZMorph Network

Additive manufacturing is nothing new for HAVA3D. Since 2013 they served more than 20 000 satisfied customers in France and other parts of the world. They work with big corporations as well as small businesses and understand all the principles of the 3D printing industry.

Starting March 27, ZMorph VX will be available to purchase through their network of distributors in France. They will also provide technical support for all customers. We believe that this partnership will boost ZMorph performance in Western Europe.

ZMorph VX
ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer

Alexandre Heran, COO of HAVA3D says:

“We are very proud to have been selected by ZMorph to represent them on the French market. Our professional customers continuously expect more versatility and reliability from the solutions we provide. The high quality and powerful multitool system offered by ZMorph perfectly meets this need to have, at a fair cost, all the necessary tools to produce complex and functional products. ZMorph can count on the total support of our teams, our expertise and our network of partners in France to distribute their leading solution.”

We too are proud to have the multitool machine distributed by HAVA3D.

Marek Kłos, Vice President and Sales Director of ZMorph S.A adds:

“The 3D printing market is growing rapidly and becoming more developed but is still in its early phase. Being endorsed by a sales partner which is that experienced and mature within the industry is an honor for our company. That being said, we are very glad to be represented by HAVA3D, that will provide our unique solution to such an important market.”

On top of that, we’ve recently released the latest firmware for ZMorph VX in various language versions including French.

ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer

ZMorph VX is a unique machine combining three workflows in one, elegant package. It’s a perfect tool for low volume manufacturing and prototyping, and it can be a small factory that is limited only by the user’s imagination. Discover the possibilities of ZMorph VX.

To purchase ZMorph VX via HAVA3D in France, visit their store at Makershop.


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