2018 was a busy year for us. We made some changes, released new products, and appeared in important media. Here’s the 2018 summary.

New Services

ZMorph Academy debuted in April 2018. The comprehensive step-by-step guide is now our favorite way of teaching new users how to use ZMorph VX. It’s absolutely free, with no hidden costs. You can learn how to operate each toolhead and practice on real examples.

Last year has also seen the release of Voxelizer 2, the updated version of our slicer software. It offers a free lifetime license for all ZMorph users. Just sign up with the license code send with our machine and enjoy the dedicated slicer software without any costs. Use presets tested on ZMorph multitool 3D printer, experience different fabrication methods, choose between different support types, and many more. You can download the software from the official Voxelizer webpage.

Reviews, News, and Interviews

For all people that look for independent sources of information, we have good news. ZMorph VX was tested and reviewed by 3D Printing Industry, one of the most popular 3D printing sites out there. Read what their crew thinks of the multi-tool capabilities of our machine and how they liked working with it.

ZMorph VX reviewed by 3D Printing Industry

In 2018 ZMorph got a lot of recognition from All3DP, another well-known 3D printing magazine. ZMorph VX was featured quite a few times as one of the best all-in-one 3D printer on the market. Below is the list of some articles that feature the machine:

What’s more, in 2018 our CEO Maciej Nawrocki gave an interview to Sarah Goehrke (Fabbaloo). They talked about (of course) the ZMorph VX, but also generally about our company and plans for the future. You can read the full interview here.

ZMorph VX multitool 3D printer
ZMorph VX multitool 3D printer

ZMorph VX Use Cases

Custom Resin Jewelry from 3D Printed Molds

3D printing shortens the time of production in the jewelry industry. You can prepare 3D printed molds that will be later used to form beautiful DIY earrings. Find out more about 3D printed jewelry.

Custom resin jewelry from 3D printed molds
Custom resin jewelry from 3D printed molds

Fully Functional Drone

For this use case, we worked with every fabrication method available in ZMorph VX. To learn how to combine 3D printing, CNC milling and laser etching in one project, read more about the drone.

Fully functional drone made on ZMorph VX
Fully functional drone made on ZMorph VX

Resin Casting with 3D Printed Molds

Another case involving 3D printed molds. 3D printers allow for low-cost in-house production of ready-to-market objects. And in this case, cheap doesn’t mean lousy. See more pictures and learn more details about resin casting with 3D printed molds.

Resin Casting with 3D Printed Molds
Resin casting with 3D printed molds

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Another fully functional prototype made on ZMorph VX is the 3D printed wireless speaker. The biggest challenge was to create a custom PCB with Bluetooth unit. Here’s where we used CNC PRO and Laser PRO toolheads to exclude outsourcing and prepare the PCB ourselves.

3D Printed Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

ZMorph Blog

At the beginning of last year, we weren’t very active on our company blog, but that changed throughout the year, and we plan to increase the number of articles in 2019. Here’s what we wrote about in 2018:

Trade Fairs

The traveling highlight of 2017 was the Tokyo trip, where we appeared at Manufacturing World Japan. In 2018 we stayed in Europe and went to Birmingham to participate in TCT Show. It was the second time that we could show the VX model during trade fairs. It was a great opportunity to meet with other 3D printing enthusiasts and see with ZMorph friends.

ZMorph at TCT 2018

We’ve also appeared at Made in Wroclaw in October. Wroclaw is our home town and we were really happy to be invited to participate in a local event. It was a great opportunity to meet with other entrepreneurs from Wrocław and surroundings, and to show the citizens our machine and its capabilities.

ZMorph at Made in Wrocław 2018 (photo: Made in Wrocław)

There will be another opportunity to see ZMorph crew at some trade fairs in 2019. ‘Where’, you ask? Follow our social media channels for more info.

Summing Up 2018 and Plans for 2019

2018 was indeed a busy year. We’ve seen some changes, hired new employees and became closer with to our community. We’ve said goodbye to the previous marketing manager and now his seat was taken by Bartosz Lanc, the new head of marketing. We’ve traveled to some places. We’ve launched new facilities that ZMorph users can benefit from. We’ve achieved quite a lot and now it’s time to see what another year will bring us.

Perhaps the best way to wrap up this summary is to quote ZMorph CEO Maciej Nawrocki:

In 2018 we’ve been focused on positioning our new ZMorph VX product on the market. Together with version 2.0 of the Voxelizer software, this couple has proven their value for our Customers what resulted in 50% year-over-year growth in revenues. It has been a very good year for us as well on the distribution end. We have signed contracts with several great distributors, let’s name just Profound 3D, Accucode 3D or 3D Market, and it has played a substantial role why I can call 2018 successful for ZMorph.

In 2019 we will be focused on spreading the reach of our great quality and great value product through more intensive cooperation with media, with influencers and though more active engagement in social media. ZMorph VX as far as print quality and reliability is ready to compete with the most known brands on the market offering additional benefits thanks to CNC, laser, and thick paste extrusion capabilities. We want 2019 to be the year where more people will hear about this and will use the opportunity to take the full value of our product to their workshops, laboratories, classes, offices or production areas.

Maciej Nawrocki, CEO

We’re looking forward to 2019 and hope that there will be more happy ZMorph customers.


Content Manager at ZMorph

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