ZMorph joins the global fight with COVID-19. Together with the local community, we are 3D printing face shield parts for hospitals in Poland.

We’ve released files for 3D printing and laser cutting protective equipment on ZMorph VX. Download them for free here.

3D printing face protection against coronavirus.

Wrocław University of Science and Technology is working with local hospitals and tested various iterations of the 3D printed face protective gear (inspired by the Prusa model) to prepare the best G-code for our standards. Knowing what the Wrocław community needs, we are prepared to 3D print supplies to help all the doctors and nurses in the front lines.

Update: We’re now working on slightly altered G-codes prepared by ZMorph staff and our partner Prodromus. You can find more info on that below. Scroll down to download files.

We’ve dedicated as many machines in our company as we can to help the cause and will be 3D printing now PET face shields together with the local community. Those who can, gather the 3D printed gear and distribute it to Wrocław hospitals using their own means of transport. This way, together we can optimize the process and each person can focus on the task they’re best at. The group responsible for this cooperation now includes more than 700 people and you can find them on Facebook. Thousands of people around Poland organize similar groups in their areas.

“As a manufacturer of 3D printers we’ve decided to help the community with the fight against coronavirus by utilizing our machine park and supporting local projects. Our machines are 3D printing as many face shield parts as possible to supply hospitals around Wroclaw. Hopefully, doctors and nurses won’t run out of protective gear and can safely treat their patients with coronavirus.”

Eliza Wróbel, Product Manager at ZMorph

We now observe many ZMorph users utilize their machines to 3D print necessary medical equipment around the world. Face masks are made in Brazil, where a local company helps to provide the protection to their hospitals

3D printing face protection against coronavirus.

Update: 22 Apr 2020

As we are near 1000 face shields produced, another batch of protection went to hospitals in Poland. We’ve sent 100 pieces to Kudowa Zdrój, 70 to Provincial Specialist Hospital in Wrocław, and 10 to ORTHO-MED, a clinic in Wrocław.

Some part of our creations was delivered thanks to Moto w(R)olontariusze, a group of motorcycling enthusiasts who love to help in such occasions.

Moto w(R)olontariusze delivered 70 face shields to hospital at Kamieńskiego street in Wrocław.
Each channel of distribution is important at provides a huge help in the fight against COVID-19.

Update: 17 Apr 2020

At the end of the week our staff reports more than 800 face shields produced altogether. We also prepared first 3D printed prototypes of adapters for ventilators. Our engineers will be developing them next week and hopefully we’ll be able to distribute them starting this month.

Jelenia Góra hospital staff with ZMorph face protection.

Update: 16 April 2020

Another batches of ZMorph face shields are arriving to hospitals around Poland. In the photo below you can see staff from a hospital in Katowice.

ZMorph face shields are now used in Katowice.

We’ve now made more than 650 pieces of protective gear for Polish nurses and doctors. Currently we’re focusing on 3D printing a project prepared by one of our partners – Prodromus from Kraków. Their project is easier to print, and they’ve also provided us with the protective foil. You can download the STL file below.

More hospitals around Wroclaw are receiving ZMorph face shields.

At ZMorph we’re researching new prototypes for other PPE. More info coming soon.

Update: 10 April 2020

Since starting the project few weeks ago the demand is growing and we are able to help outside Wrocław as well. Till now we’ve 3D printed 500 parts for face shields and assembled 360 full sets. 340 of them are were already sent to hospitals in Wrocław, Warszawa, Katowice, Legnica and Oleśnica.

At ZMorph we’ve started to experiment with our own design that includes the ability to open the foil cover of the protective shield. We’re also working on ears relievers, that make wearing masks much more comfortable. Soon we will start manufacturing 3D printed adapters for ventilators.

More than 20 ZMorph VX machines are now working 24/7 to 3D print protective gear against coronavirus.

3D printing face protection against coronavirus.
ZMorph face shields in Warsaw, Poland.
3D printing face protection against coronavirus.
ZMorph face shields in Warsaw, Poland.
ZMorph face shields in Oleśnica, Poland.

If you want more info, contact us at

Download files ?

“covid19_headband_RT_v3-2s-1.gcode” is the main part of the headband, the rest are parts that hold the plastic foil steady in different numbers. If you have any troubles, please contact us at the e-mail address listed above.

3D printing face protection against coronavirus.

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