Due to market demand and close company relations ZMorph and 3D Printers, owner of HBOT 3D brand, decided to join forces. Having ZMorph and 3D Printers Research and Development Departments sharing their extensive industry knowledge and know-how creates a synergy which enables to create a new lineup of high-end 3D printers corresponding with industry needs and market trends.

ZMorph VX and HBOT 3D F300

Maciej Nawrocki, ZMorph CEO commented on the cooperation:

3D Printing market is maturing and together with that the need for consolidation on the market increases. Joining forces with HBOT 3D enables us to optimize resources but what is even more important to create a synergy effect in R&D and distribution. ZMorph goes through steep growth over recent eighteen months since the premiere of our ZMorph VX. In order to keep the pace, we will use the lever of the cooperation to come with the strongest ever, wider product offer in a shorter time that we would do staying alone. We are good colleagues with HBOT 3D guys so I am both professionally and personally happy we will work together from now on.

ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer

ZMorph VX is ZMorph’s latest generation of the world famous multitool 3D printer series combining 3D printing, CNC and laser in one desktop machine. The machine has been designed to offer a complete desktop environment consisting of dedicated software, the widest range of materials and three workflows for professional designers, engineers, industries, and the education sector. Through recent months ZMorph saw an additional market opportunity towards clients interested in single purpose 3D printers with a larger volume.

ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer

HBOT 3D F300

That’s where HBOT 3D comes with HBOT 3D F300. The machine features high-quality construction, enclosed 300 x 300 x 300 mm build envelope, semi-automatic calibration, and a touch panel, altogether making a 3D printer designed for demanding professionals that can be operated without any special technical skills. Since HBOT 3D already offered the ideal product for ZMorph’s new market demand, cooperation between ZMorph and 3D printers was an obvious choice profitable for both parties.

HBOT 3D F300

ZMorph and HBOT 3D have had some common points since the very beginnings. Both companies were founded in a similar time in Wrocław, Poland, and what’s more, the founders knew each other personally from the early DIY 3D printing scene. The companies developed different products designed for different needs, and years later ZMorph and HBOT 3D became one of Poland’s most experienced 3D printer manufacturers and worldwide renowned brands.

Both 3D printers will be available through ZMorph’s worldwide resellers network.


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