For years ZMorph has been known for delivering the most versatile 3D printers, and this model is a continuation of the legacy – 3 different fabrication methods within one desktop machine and dozens of available fabrication materials will satisfy even the most demanding professional designers, engineers and educators. We want to emphasize that message by introducing a next generation model, featuring advanced solutions in print quality and machine reliability, furthermore making the machine easier to set up and operate than ever before. In addition, more elastic pricing system lowers the barrier for anyone who wants to buy a great 3D printer with an option to upgrade for CNC cutting, laser engraving or even food printing and benefit from an all-in-one solution.

Without further ado, here’s 3 key facts making ZMorph VX our best multitool 3D printer yet… and the best one on the market.

#1. ZMorph VX print quality is simply superb.

ZMorph VX print quality

Finer details

0.3 mm nozzle is now a standard. It provides the best balance between resolution, speed and reliability.

Even stiffer printer construction

Zero tolerance for vibrations or even slightly loose fittings affecting the prints.

Improved print cooling system

Higher cooling power concentrated right where the action is. This solution guarantees significantly better results in printing small elements like steeples on buildings and overhangs.

Super-flat borosilicate glass

Borosilicate glass used in the construction offers best-in-class resistance to thermal and mechanical damage. To ensure adhesion at all times, we’re throwing in an adhesion glue with every ZMorph VX.

New Dual Extruder

Easier maintanance after heavy duty work and open for future upgrades. All thanks to interchangeable hotends feature.

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#2. ZMorph VX is more reliable and safer during shipment.

ZMorph VX best quality

Strong, certified packing

Each printer shipping box costs us over $100.  It’s ISTA certified, but we had to double-check. So we threw the package from a flight of stairs (seriously) and made sure the package is intact – in case the delivery guy has a really bad day.

Improved construction, only top quality components

The previous SX model has been put to the test for 16 months, and that gave us a really good understanding of what’s prone to wear and tear. All those elements have been redesigned and replaced with the best quality components we could find.

Strict production standards

We’ve upgraded production line standards, including high grade ESD electronics protection system to ensure longer product life and stability.

#3. ZMorph VX was designed for easy and hassle-free usage.

New Voxelizer

Clear, beautifully designed interface, prepared both for inexperienced beginners and pros wanting to grasp full control of the printing process. Updated with faster and smarter algorithms, with the goal to help users make unprintable models printable. Learn more about the new Voxelizer. 


That’s right, the machine can calibrate itself by a press of a button.

UX improvements

We went further than autocalibration and new Voxelizer when it comes to usability. We redesigned every aspect of LCD touch interface, Quick Start Guide, and also added a lot of intelligence into the firmware itself, that ensures better product life, reliability and operation. Last but not least, those who like to work with CNC and laser will gladly welcome the new CNC worktable – sturdy aluminum construction with pre-set holes provides stable, flat surface and easy clamping of wood, acrylic glass, modelling boards and PCB boards.

More elastic pricing system

In order to make the new ZMorph VX more affordable, we’ve arranged an elastic pricing plan starting with €2399/$2799 for basic 3D printing setup, upgradeable anytime with additional toolheads, available worldwide from the online store and the network of over 50 resellers.

Summing up, congratulations to the first ZMorph VX owners! For those who are still making up their mind, drop us a line at or contact us via livechat at and we’ll answer all your questions.

Stay tuned for the upcoming weeks – we’ll be showing The Official ZMorph Applications Catalog!


CMO @ZMorph

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