Are you considering purchasing a ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer? Here are some reviews that may help you with the decision. They all cover things like the design, workflows and dedicated software.

3D Printing Industry

“The ZMorph VX would be a welcome addition to a classroom, FabLab, or the workbench of an in house engineering/design department.”

3D Printing Industry
3D Printing Industry ZMorph VX Review

The global media company based in the UK thoroughly tested our machine and by the end of 2018 published a review titled “A Strong 3D Printer with Multitiool Capabilities”.

The stuff at 3D Printing Industry checked if all the claims made by our company are true and how the machine generally performs. Overall they were happy with the results, concluding that “the ZMorph VX is indeed a brilliant multitool 3D printer, which performed very well across all functions, especially for 3D printing.”

All workflows were tested. “ZMorph VX proved that it can handle overhangs, bridges, hinges and floating strings with ease” said Beau Jackson, who wrote the review, about the 3D printing capabilities. The process of changing toolheads went smoothly and the reviewers were happy with the results of CNC milling, and laser engraving and cutting as well.

Read the full review to learn more about what the prominent 3D printing media company thinks about the machine and see photos of torture tests performed by the staff.


“ZMorph’s VX is a beast of a machine in more ways than one.”

All3DP ZMorph VX Review

Another well known 3D printing magazine that’s based in Germany and has a worldwide reach that tested ZMorph VX multitool is All3DP. A team of professionals meticulously examined and analyzed the machine and gave it 4 stars out of 5. Which is still great, because they very rarely give more.

The favorite features of the machine at All3DP were the very rigid construction, ease of changing toolheads and superb printing quality. The reviewers talk in details about the design, 3D printing, dual extrusion, laser engraving/cutting, CNC engraving & cutting, and thick paste printing.

“When printing well though, curves and transitions out of them are the smoothest we’ve seen. Curves to die for, for sure.”


All3DP staff also focused on Voxelizer, the dedicated software for ZMorph VX and were generally happy about how it performs. It is important to stress that Voxelizer is the only slicing software that operates on voxels, and supports all ZMorph toolheads. In the review there are mentioned cool features of the software, so be sure to dive into it.

The overall impression is really good, and you can read the full review at All3DP.

3D Natives

The ZMorph VX is a machine that will exclusively target users (private or professional) looking for an affordable hybrid press that combines 3D printing and CNC/laser machining for a variety of projects. 

3D Natives

For our French-, German- and Spanish-speaking customers, we recommend the latest review by 3D Natives. French-based 3D printing service boasts with almost 500 000 monthly visitors, and recently they had the opportunity to test ZMorph VX All-in-One 3D Printer.

The overall score is 8.6/10, which is very good. You can read the full review in English here. Switch the language in the navigation bar in the top of the page. Spanish translation is coming soon.

3D Maker Noob

“A prototyping Holy Grail”

3D Maker Noob

3D Maker Noob is a respected 3D printing enthusiast with a popular YouTube channel. Recently he had a chance to put our machine to some test and he was kind enough to share his opinion on ZMorph VX.

His almost 20 minutes review covers the construction, different methods of fabrication, and some conclusions. Again, the 3D printing capabilities of ZMorph VX are excellent according to the YouTuber. We were happy to see that he actually tried to make a working PCB using the machine and he succeeded.

3D Maker Noob took the effort to finish the ZMorph Academy so you will find some comments on that as well in his video.

Watch the full review of ZMorph VX by 3D Maker Noob below:

Other Notable Mentions

ZMorph VX is also appearing in various rankings across the Internet. Here are some of the most notable mentions:

Stay tuned for more reviews coming soon.


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